Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. can produce complex features in tool steel plates and mold bases using our Wire and Sinker EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines. The advantage to EDM is that shapes can be cut into hard tool steel without exotic cutting tools.

Wire EDM is used to make mold and die tools and tool parts in workpieces made from very hard tool steel materials that would be difficult to machine with cutting tools. Because of the flexibility of the wire and its guides, and the direct from CAD surface model CNC programming, we can accurately cut extremely intricate and complex shapes into the tool steel workpiece using Wire EDM.

Sinker EDM also produces complex shapes in tool materials. However, instead of a wire electrode, the sinker EDM electrode has a specific shape. The electrode is then sunk into the tool material to produce the feature shape in the tool.

EDM in general can produce very complex shapes in hard tool steel materials in one operation whereas conventional machining may take several operations to produce the desired geometry. Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. employs three precision Charmilles EDM machines to augment the conventional machining methods for producing some of southern California’s most exotic molds, dies, jigs, and fixtures for the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Commercial, and the Electrical Connector industries.

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