Precision Machining

At Industrial Tool and Die Inc., we create extremely durable Molds, Dies, Jigs, and Fixtures by employing the toughest materials in the toolmaking process. Industrial Tool and Die Inc. has developed a niche in the tool and die industry by working with metals to help meet the high standards, tight tolerances, and stringent requirements of our customers.

We specialize in machining materials using our wire and sinker EDM processes, specialized grinding, along with our conventional and precision CNC machining processes. These processes allow us to accurately machine complex shapes and features into even the hardest of tool and die making materials, and finish them with precision toolmaking processes.

The capability of Industrial Tool and Die to process hardened materials allows us to develop your tooling with a high degree of confidence that the tools will function correctly as designed, on the first shot, and through to the last shot for the life of the tool.

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