Jig Grinding and Jig Boring

Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. has the unique capability for an extremely high accuracy machining process called Jig Grinding and Jig Boring. Jig Grinding is a specialty process that allows us to grind complex geometrical shapes in our tools with extremely high precision and accuracy. Jig boring is a similar specialty machining process that allows toolmakers to produce precision holes on tools and dies with a high degree of positioning and size accuracy.

Both processes yield extremely high levels of machining accuracy of up to +/- 0.0001″ in feature position and +/- 0.0001″ in size. This level of precision allows the toolmaker to position hole and pin die systems almost perfectly to the reference surfaces and to the other interacting features. Likewise, the extremely smooth finishes obtained by Jig Boring are equally important to allow pin and hole die positioning systems to slide and otherwise interact flawlessly between the die halves over thousands of production cycles.

Since 1967, we have worked hard to establish Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. as a high-end tool and die maker in Southern California. One of many steps toward attaining this goal was the development of skills and expertise to manufacture very high performance, precision tools for Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Commercial and Electrical Connector Industry customers. Developing and honing our precision diemaking skills with our Moore B18 #3 Jig Borer and Moore #3 Jig Grinders was critical in this process to help set us apart from other tool shops.

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