Precision Measuring Gages Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. is an expert resource for custom and specialty Precision Measuring Gages. Many times in a production environment, conventional measuring equipment is incapable or inefficient for checking in-process and completed components with complex geometrical features. In this case a custom checking fixture and /or gaging or measuring system is required.

Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. can take a specific quality requirement of our customer’s and create a complete set of measuring devices to efficiently check all features or just one critical dimension for parts made from our tools, or parts in production today.

Whether it is a new product application where we have designed and developed the mold, tool, or die, or some difficult parts that have been produced for years, you can look to Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. to produce the highest quality gaging fixtures, measuring devices and checking equipment to bring a high level of confidence back into your manufacturing processes.

Please inquire about how Industrial Tool and Die, Inc. can best serve your industry by contacting us today. One of our helpful and friendly sales representatives will contact you immediately to discuss your prototype tool and die projects.

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